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Website redesign services not only design your website but also help to design your digital success. We as a website redesigning company, transform your website’s old look and feel via revamping the UI and UX. Our primary goal is to improve the website so that you will get more traffic which will drive more leads and increase your revenue.

Our website redesign specialists are offered across industrial verticals. We are eager to help companies from different sectors with our website redesign packages. The website redesign team of Midas Touch Infotech is well known for the designing services they offer. With our services, we help redesign and recreate a website that takes your company to the peak of popularity in your niche segment.

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Web Redesign Service Options
Customized for Your Needs

Custom Website Redesign

Custom Website Redesign

Our website redesign agency include custom website redesigning that creates a highly customised and unique web portal for your customers.


eCommerce Website Redesign

ECommerce Website Redesign

We offer website redesigning services to ecommerce businesses that need an extra boost of novelty. We specialise in creating ecommerce websites aligned with customer mindset.



WordPress Website Redesign

Midas Touch Infotech also offers its web redesign services to bloggers by redesigning WordPress sites according to their niche segment.


Web Application Redesign Services

Web Application Redesign

Using our web application capabilities, we offer Web Application redesigning services combining the efficiency of a webpage with the performance.


B2B Website Redesign

B2B Website Redesign

Midas Touch Infotech offers website redesign packages to B2B companies that need a platform to connect with vendors, suppliers, and partner ventures.


B2C Website Redesign

B2C Website Redesign

Our website development agency also helps B2C companies by redesigning and recreating websites for a better impact on the customer segment.


Benefits of Website Redesign Company

Our Website Redesign Agency is designed to revolutionize your online presence and propel your business to new heights. A well-crafted website is not just a digital asset; it's a dynamic tool that can make or break your online success. Here's how our Website Redesign Expert can benefit you


Improved user experience

A modern and well-designed website will be easier for users to navigate and find the information they’re looking for. This can lead to higher engagement and conversion rates.

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Increased brand awareness

A well-designed website can help to create a strong brand identity for your business. This can make you more memorable to potential customers and help you to stand out from the competition.

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Boosted sales and revenue

A well-designed, user-friendly website can help you to effectively convert more visitors into loyal customers. This can ultimately lead to substantial increases in sales and revenue for your business.

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Don't Just Dream of a Better Website – Make It Happen with Our Redesign Services!

How do Our Website Redesigning Services Work?


Our Website Redesign Expert and team study your business website to strategise about the approach of redesign suitable to your venture.


Our team of website designers and developers plan the wireframe and architecture to follow for the redesigning process.


Our team of designers and developers always do in-depth UI and UX audits to come up with creative designs for your website.


Once the creative design is finalised, the web redesign process includes fast-paced development by our professional developers.


Once the initial website design and functionalities are ready, our quality assurance team thoroughly reviews and tests the website on various parameters.

Launch &

After the quality assurance tests, we launch and optimise the website on behalf of the client business.


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    Why Midas Touch Infotech for Website Redesigning?

    Experienced Expertise

    The Advantage of Experience and Knowledge

    Midas Touch Infotech has a team of web redesign experts and professionals who know the fundamentals as well as trends of website design and development. With their extensive knowledge base and experience level, our professionals help you in the best way possible.

    Diverse Client Portfolio

    Massive Portfolio of Clients and Projects

    Before you partner with our web redesign company, know about our clientele. We have a spotless record of client satisfaction and timely delivery of results. We have experience in different fields of business and offer you insightful services in every way.

    Cost-Effective Solutions

    Affordable Pricing Range for Emerging Businesses

    Midas Touch Infotech wants to do its bit in supporting the startup culture of India. We offer a number of web redesigning services in an affordable pricing range so companies of different scales can get the benefits of an efficient and updated website.

    Transparent Methodology

    Well-Defined Approach With a Transparent Process

    Our process of website redesign is very clear and transparent for the clients. We define our process and involve the client in the communication and feedback interface to support the development phases. With the help of our transparent communication channels, clients can know the results without any hindrance.

    Reliable Technical Support

    Technical Support and Maintenance for Website

    Once we have redesigned your business website, we prefer to continue the partnership through technical support and maintenance services. We offer support and maintenance whenever our clients need an extra layer of web support. Our team helps your business maintain the performance parameters of your website.

    Strategic Web Consulting

    Consulting Web Strategy for Business Rebranding

    Our team of designers and developers knows about the need to rebrand businesses from time to time. If you are in search of a new brand identity for your business, you can start with our website redesign solutions. Our team will help your business in the strategy and implementation of rebranding.

    Hire Our Experienced Website Redesign for Top-Notch Service

    Transform your outdated site with our expert redesign services. We blend modern aesthetics with seamless functionality and user experience to create a stunning, efficient website that elevates your brand.

    Enhanced User Experience

    Enhanced User Experience

    Our team excels in creating intuitive and engaging designs that improve user satisfaction and retention.

    Modern Aesthetics

    Modern Aesthetics

    We bring a fresh, contemporary look to your website, ensuring it stands out in today’s competitive market.

    Improved Functionality

    Improved Functionality

    Our redesigns focus on seamless navigation and performance, enhancing the overall functionality of your site.

    Brand Alignment

    Brand Alignment

    We ensure your new website aligns perfectly with your brand identity, effectively communicating your message and values.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A redesign website involves revamping an existing site to improve its look, functionality, and user experience. This process updates the design, layout, and features to better meet current standards and user expectations.

    Custom web redesign services involve updating an existing website to meet specific business needs and goals. This includes improving the site’s layout, design, features, and functionality to enhance user experience, align with branding, and boost performance.

    Hiring a website redesign company brings professional expertise, access to the latest design trends, and a systematic approach. They help improve your site’s performance, user experience, and visual appeal, saving you time and ensuring quality results.

    A website redesign agency offers comprehensive services, including design, development, SEO, and support. This holistic approach enhances your site’s appearance, functionality, and visibility, leading to better user engagement and higher conversions.

    A website redesign usually takes 3 to 6 months, depending on the project’s scope. This includes planning, design, development, testing, and launch phases to ensure a thorough and effective redesign.

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